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Why did the Chargers Twitter account used to tweet about PF Changs so much?

The history of the Chargers account includes a lot of random tweets, and a deep love of PF Changs.

The San Diego Chargers' twitter account is @Chargers, which makes sense. However, once upon a time, @Chargers was not the official voice of the San Diego Chargers. It was the Twitter account of Joel Price, who still works in digital media for the Chargers and now tweets from @joelprice, mainly about bikes and the Chargers.

However, when he switched from tweeting from @chargers to @joelprice, he left @chargers as an account with several months of his musings. These tweets still exist, and since they were sent from @chargers, they appear to be official dispatches from an NFL team.

For whatever reason, I find these tweets absolutely hilarious, whether you read them as the NFL team the Chargers saying them, or a person tweeting on behalf of the Chargers, informing everybody about the musings of his day. I hope they never disappear.

(Note: Shout-out to @lana and @BrianPickett for occasionally resurfacing these, for example, tonight during Sunday Night Football.)

The Chargers love PF Chang's!

The Chargers are really excited about SXSW!


The Chargers are tired!

The Chargers are always working!

The Chargers are slowly figuring out how the Internet works! Specifically 2007-era Internet:

And then one day... it's gone:

You should give Joel a follow -- he has a sense of humor about his early tweets:

And I'm glad he's decided to leave them up for posterity.