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Jay Gruden is reading players' tweets in team meetings, is always watching

"I've read a couple of the things they've written on Twitter in team meetings from time to time,  just to let them know I'm reading the suckers. So far I think they've been pretty good, with a few exceptions."

Meet Jay Gruden's new motivational tactic that will help get Washington back on track. Nothing screams "fearless leader" like becoming an overprotective parent.

This is going to be beautiful, because the tweets of his players are ... something else. Every practice they'll be treated to things like:

Kirk Cousins hawking Amway

DeSean Jackson explaining every meal

Can Gruden speak emoji?

We'll wait to see how many accounts go private.

Update: The team wanted to make sure you knew this wasn't the first time Gruden has read tweets, but the tone seems a little different this time than when he was "poking a little fun at them."