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The Indianapolis Colts mascot is a terrible, disgusting, child-shoving jerk

Here you will find video of the Minnesota Vikings' "Mascot Challenge," wherein mascots from Minnesota sports teams and beyond play football against children. This event is most known to me for the time the Minnesota Golden Gopher stiff-armed a whole mess of rugrats, but this year's event belonged to Blue, the Indianapolis Colt:

This is a highlight reel we've compiled of Blue being a tremendous jerk. He randomly pushes a child during a dead ball. He jumps the line Troy Polamalu-style to sack the quarterback then give him an extra couple of shoves, then he thrusts his horribly plump and dynamic pelvis several times in celebration.

Note that this is the same creature who can do (and does) this with his hideous horse nostrils:


The video also includes the phrase "gang-tackled ... by the sausage." Pretty good video.