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Robin Lopez beat up the Pistons mascot again

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I don't know exactly what triggered the ongoing hostility between Robin Lopez and Hooper, the Detroit Pistons mascot, but it is REAL.* Tuesday night, before the Portland Trail Blazers faced Detroit, Lopez resumed bullying the fuzzy horse:

The way Robin's carrying Hooper, it looks like he might even have a swirly in mind, but he ends up just dropping him on his head and running away.

Previously, Lopez beat Hooper up and stole his wig:

In fact, now that I look at it, that may have been the start of this whole beef. Hooper ripped off Lopez's hairstyle, so Lopez literally ripped off his hair, and has now made it his lifelong mission to torture the mascot. Then again, Lopez has never fought Anderson Varejao to my knowledge, so I question his commitment to hair singularity.

*It is not real.