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This golden retriever really likes watching tennis

Big Li Na fan.

Dogs love tennis balls. I know this because I own a dog. She likes tennis balls. When I bring her to the park, there are other dogs there that clearly like tennis balls.

This dog really likes tennis balls:

I mean, the Australian Open final between Li Na and Domenika Cibulkova was a great match, but tennis dog was really really into it. Perhaps he's intrigued by the players' shoes squeaking, or the lady tennis players grunting, or perhaps he genuinely thinks that tennis ball is going to come out of the screen and into his mouth so he can play with it. After all: golden retrievers are going to golden retrieve.

(Also: this dog's name is George, which is not a dog name.)

We're ready for the Puppy Bowl, you guys.

(We saw this over at B/R first.)