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Masahiro Tanaka hired a private plane for his dog

Not JUST for his dog, obviously. But the dog was one of six passengers.


The Yankees won the Masahiro Tanaka sweepstakes, but the real winner is Tanaka's dog. Also Tanaka, I guess. But we focus on dog-based reporting here. According to SBS in Australia:

Japanese baseball sensation Masahiro Tanaka chartered his own Boeing 787 Dreamliner to fly him to New York, with the entire plane taken up by his five-strong party and his pet dog.

The ace pitcher, who has just signed a seven-year MLB deal worth $US155 million ($A173.6 million) with the New York Yankees, is believed to have splashed out $US195,000 ($A218,000) of his own money on the one-way flight.

Things I'd do with $173.6 million:

- Walk-in ice cream sundae
- Re-create "Double Dare" obstacle course in garage, hire Marc Summers to provide play-by-play
- Personal Magic: The Gathering trainer
- Finally have the free time to watch Nutty Professor 2: The Klumps
- Buy three Lego sets (Lego is a little pricey)
- Get a third cat

So Tanaka's cooler than me (probably)

(h/t to Craig Calcaterra)