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Here you can watch figure skaters spin forever

Enjoy the rest of your dizzy life!

Problem: You love figure skating. You would like to watch it all the time. But alas, figure skating only enters the spotlight once every four years. This makes you sad.

Solution: Open this internet web page (which you have already done, so you're on your way!) and move your cursor over the GIFs to watch the figure skaters spin. They will not stop, not unless you do. Now you can watch figure skating forever! You can just stay where you are, watching the figure skaters spin until someday you die. And when you die, your body will spin endlessly in the grave.

Are you ready? You might want to go to the bathroom first, and maybe grab some snacks, and maybe set up a bathrooming apparatus where you sit, because you're going to be here a while. Like, eternity. Okay, here it goes:







To the people still staring at this in February of 2018/2022/2026/2030/2034/2038/etc.: You can take a break and turn on your TV for a bit. The Olympics are on!