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Amare Stoudemire remains the most fashionable NBA player

He's unstoppable.

GQ's Instagram

One of the reasons Amare Stoudemire signed with the New York Knicks is because he loves fashion. He already has a line of menswear with Rachel Roy, and he's a fixture at New York Fashion Week. (So too is teammate Carmelo Anthony.)

While Dwyane Wade, Russell Westbrook and Baron Davis (yes Baron Davis, show some respect) have claims to the throne of most fashionable NBA player, Amare destroyed the competition Tuesday night. Via Mutoni:

The gold Menorah chain sets the whole thing off. You may ask yourself, "Why is this awesome while Joe Namath gets ridiculed?"

1. Sleeves increase the Yeti Resemblance Factor (YRF) of the fur way too much. You have to restrain yourself when it comes to animal pelts.

2. Broadway Joe mixes two furs: the Squatchesque brown and winter hare white. WHO WOULD PUT A SQUATCH AND A RABBIT TOGETHER?

3. Tailoring is everything. Joe's coat fits like Georgetown parka from the early '90s.

4. Styling is everything. Amare goes with the gold Menorah chain. Joe has multiple shirts and granny glasses.

5. Joe is wearing his coat for function: it was cold outside. Amare is wearing his coat to make a statement. The purpose is fashion, and that goes a long way.

This has been Fashion Chat With SB Nation. Back to your regularly scheduled brogramming.