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2014 Sochi 'Winter' Olympics: Bobby Brown did his slopestyle skiing run in a t-shirt

Is it cold where you are? It's not cold where Bobby Brown is, at the Sochi Olympics.

Cameron Spencer

Here in North America, we have had a brutal winter, thanks to something called the "polar vortex" which is either a sign global warming doesn't exist or a sign global warming DEFINITELY DOES exist. Chicago's on perma-subzero, Atlanta's dealing with snow for the second time this year, and here in New York, I nearly got frostbite walking my dog in a snowstorm today.

In Sochi? Everything is fine. Just ask slopestyle skier Bobby Brown:


Mike Ehrmann, Getty images

Note his sleeves, or rather, lack thereof. He did his slopestyle run in a t-shirt.


Rob Schumacher, USA Today Sports

Of course, Sochi is on the Black Sea, and has palm trees and stuff. It's a downright balmy 48 degrees there right now. I'd kill for it to be 48 degrees here.


Cameron Spencer, Getty Images

Brown would come ninth, the only American not to medal in slopestyle, so maybe some winter weather protection might've helped him out a bit.