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Swedish skier Henrik Harlaut throws up Wu-Tang sign, yells WU-TANG IS FOR THE CHILDREN

Swedish skier Henrik Harlaut bombs atomically. Socrates' philosophies and hypotheses can't define how he be dropping these mockeries.

Henrik Harlaut is a Swedish person with huge white Swedish person dreads, and an Olympian in slopestyle skiing.

For now, though, we don't care about the whole skiing thing. We care about the fact that after his run, in the Olympics, he held up his hands in a W and yelled "WU-TANG IS FOR THE CHILDREN."

Harlaut did not win, much in the same way Ol' Dirty Bastard did not win when he rushed the stage at the Grammys and yelled WU-TANG IS FOR THE CHILDREN:

RIP Ol' Dirty. Wu-Tang is forever.

And yes,this is the same guy who lost his pants earlier.

The winners of the day in the joke department: