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Syracuse tweets, deletes promotion for Tyler Ennis jersey

Sorry, we mean "Player #11 jersey."

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

Syracuse has since deleted the tweet we're talking about here, but Mark Ennis snagged a screenshot in time:

That link goes here, where Syracuse is selling this:


So, they deleted the tweet because they made a mistake. That's not the jersey of star Syracuse guard/recent maker-of-a-huge-buzzer-beater/person-who-is not-yet-in-a-position-to-enjoy-any-of-the-$74.95-spoils-of-his-success Tyler Ennis, that's the jersey of Anonymous Student-Athlete No. 11! Honest mistake. (Related: Remember this little discovery? This game of pretend is so, so stupid.)

Also, come on guys, get some more jersey sizes.