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Missouri students 'Stand With Sam' to block Westboro Baptist Church protest

A human wall keeping hate off campus

Michael Sam came out publicly as a gay man last week. The responses-- as well as the stories of the initial reaction at Missouri-- have been hearteningly supportive. But there will be obstacles, both from the old-school itchiness that still inhabits some of the NFL, and from plainly hateful people. The latter is the issue this weekend, as the unabashed hate-spewing misanthropes of the Westboro Baptist Church announced plans to demonstrate on the Missouri campus Saturday afternoon.

Mizzou students wouldn't have it. Taking their cue from Texas A&M's response to a similar encroachment by the WBC years back, students Alix Carruth and Kelaney Lakers organized a human wall to "Stand With Sam" and prevent the WBC from entering. It's impressive:

Wonderful stuff, Tigers

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