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Canada's totally convinced that America fixed Olympic ice dancing

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Canadians really believe that the United States fixed Olympic ice dancing.

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Last week, a French newspaper wrote about a rumored fix in the Olympic ice dancing competition -- one that would favor American pair Meryl Davis and Charlie White over Canadian rivals Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir in the ice dancing competition at the Sochi Games. U.S. Figure Skating denied the allegations, of course.

On Monday, Davis and White won gold at the expense of Virtue and Moir, who took home silver. OMG JUST LIKE THE RUMORS SAID

Never mind, you know, recent history: Davis and White have been going back and forth in head-to-head battles with one another dating back to the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, where Virtue and Moir won gold. The Americans have defeated the Canadians at every event since the 2012 World Championships. Maybe the fix has been in for years!

For starters, let's take a look at THE MADDEST CANADIAN SPORTS TALK PERSON, who reminds us of every MAD AMERICAN SPORTS TALK PERSON except he's talking about ice dancing:

Now let's go to the Twitters:

Strip away the sequins, wipe off the pancake makeup, delete the frozen-in-place smiles, and what's left is a tawdry whore of a sport where the judges are the johns.

If the fix is not in against Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir, then I'm the Princess of Wales.

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