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Ohio State's Marcus Hall autographing photos of double-birds ejection

Now you can bring a beautiful piece of college football history into your home.

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Ohio State offensive lineman Marcus Hall is known for many things. He's known for being a football player, having attended Ohio State, and being a lineman, among many other things. That's three things right there.

He's also known for this endearing and heartfelt display while being ejected after a dustup vs. archrival Michigan last season:

He was suspended, because some moments should linger in time like stars in the sky.

Many Ohio State fans loved the show of passion and Michigan-hatin'. Therefore:

Prints were apparently made available on eBay, and Hall and fellow linemen are getting into the autograph appearances business (ht Marcus Hartman). Get money, Mr. Hall.

Also, that "4X gold pants" line refers to the golden pants pins earned by former fifth-year senior Hall, one for each victory against the Wolverines.

And if anyone gets around to selling an autographed version of the following image, we're in the market: