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76ers sign Kevin Grow, high-schooler with Down syndrome, to 2-day contract

Very cool, everyone.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Kevin Grow, a senior at Bensalem High School in Pennsylvania, drew national attention with a scoring explosion in a recent game. Grow, who has Down syndrome and serves as the team's manager, was called upon at the end of Bensalem's season and broke out for 14 points, including four three-pointers down the stretch of the final game.

Inspired by the performance, the 76ers invited Grow to their practice facility to receive a personalized jersey and sign a ceremonial two-day contract. He's with them Tuesday night for their game against the Cavaliers, invited to hang out with the team in the locker room and during warm-ups, join the high-five line, then watch the game with his varsity team and take the floor for a special presentation.

Grow got jersey No. 33, as you can see, which means Evan Turner got to take a nice Andrew Bynum dig during the presentation:

This is all excellent. It's nice when sports are nice. Well, the Bynum thing was kinda mean, but the rest is all really really nice and wonderful.

(via Ball Don't Lie)