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Auburn throws away potential upset vs. No. 2 Florida -- literally

Auburn football had like 18 miracle wins this year. Auburn basketball had the most miraculous loss.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Auburn had a chance for one of the biggest upsets of the year. (Well, one of the biggest upsets of the night, considering Syracuse lost to Boston College.) At 4-8 in SEC play, the Tigers had No. 2 Florida on the ropes,

With Auburn down 66-65 and 20 seconds left in the game, Chris Denson drew a foul on Will Yeguete putting him at the line with a chance to take the lead.

He hit the first. Then things got weird.

a) He missed the second free throw, giving Florida the ball in a tie game.




This isn't the craziest thing ever -- the game's tied with one possession left and your opponent has the ball. So if you don't foul, you can lose or go to overtime. But if you do foul, it makes losing more likely, but also makes winning in regulation a possibility, as you get the last shot.

But it's certainly unconventional.

Interestingly, Tony Barbee is very much on the hot seat.

c) Patric Young hits both free throws.

d) This inbounds play:


That's a pass from Allen Payne to K.T. Harrell, who... wasn't looking? Even though he was seemingly the only option on the play?

Anyway, Auburn lost 71-66. This, apparently, was expected.

So, basically, this was the opposite of Auburn football.