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Uh, did CBS accidentally broadcast Super Bowl security's wifi password on national TV?


This image of CBS This Morning shot up to the top of Reddit on Sunday afternoon before the Super Bowl. It appears to show the login information at Super Bowl security HQ, which, yeah, not great.

The reality of Super Bowl security is serious and the NFL goes all out for the event. SB Nation's Steven Godfrey talked to a security expert and FBI agents about protecting the big game:

Officially, joint security task forces as notable and wide-reaching as the multi-agency Super Bowl group don't like to show their whole hand, but the layers of multiple agencies provide a "show of force like something in the military," according to the agents we spoke to.

"People would probably be surprised to know how much could be done in a matter of minutes. You're talking hundreds of law enforcement and armored vehicles on the field in around three minutes. And you're in live contact with every local and regional agency as well as the military. It's a full command post."

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