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The Tebow prophecy

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Tim Tebow is having a pretty good night, all told. The Denver Broncos are not. You know where this is going, right?

Kevin C. Cox

Relative to his former Denver Broncos teammates, and in general, Tim Tebow is having a pretty good Super Bowl. He is starring in a series of commercials for T-Mobile that are pretty funny, and he's pretty funny in them. Wherever he is, Tebow is at literally zero risk of having Brandon Mebane fall on him. And he is not quarterbacking the team receiving a world-historic beatdown on national television. All good, right?

Except of course not. Even a broke-armed lightning rod will get zapped every now and then, and as such Twitter is now lit up with people who see an element of divine retribution in what's happening to Peyton Manning and the Broncos in the Super Bowl. This started, in fact, just 12 seconds into the game.

And it mostly hasn't stopped since:

So, are there actually humans who believe that this game is a thorough and brutal and robustly GIF-able reaping of what the team sowed when they parted ways with Tebow? Or are they just dunking a fat lob of a joke, like so many Seahawks linebackers spiking interceptions over the uprights?

As usual with Tebow circa now, it's tough to know for sure who is in on the joke and who isn't. But given that even Tebow can laugh at himself and his present situation, it makes those who still see him as The Chosen Passer that much more... is admirable the word? I think it might be.