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Dwight Howard, Lakers fans agree: Dwight Howard sucks

Lakers fans chanted "HOWARD SUCKS! HOWARD SUCKS!" at Dwight Howard as he rampaged over his former team, so he helped them chant.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Dwight Howard and the Rockets played against the Lakers tonight in Los Angeles, his first game back after deciding to leave Hollywood in the prolonged DWIGHTMARE PART TWO: EVEN DWIGHTIER proceedings of the 2013 free agency class. Houston entered the game on a seven-game win streak, Los Angeles on a three-game losing streak, and the Rockets made quick work of the Lakers, entering the half up 21 and leading by as much as 35 before a 134-108 win.

Howard was dominant, with 20 points and 13 boards before an early rest:




But despite his play and his team winning, Lakers fans serenaded their short-time star with chants of "HOWARD SUCKS! HOWARD SUCKS!"

Suffice it to say, he had fun with it:

The Rockets took the cheer to the team bench:

And after the game, the squad chanted "HOWARD SUCKS!" on the team plane as they head to play Golden State tomorrow night:

Howard takes a lot of guff for his play on the court and child-like humor and decision-making ability off it. But right now, he's playing like a star, his team is dominating, and in the face of adversity -- or at least something we'd imagine would cause Dwight Howard adversity -- he's laughing.