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Jim Boeheim's spectacular ejection

Jim Boeheim had a personal moment. We had some fun with it.

Jim Boeheim was ejected during Syracuse's loss to Duke in riveting fashion. He dashed up the sideline, half-removed his jacket and made his way to the court to let the referees know his thoughts on a pretty tough charging call against the Orange.


Moments like these can't escape the internet, and Boeheim's animated reaction left a few choice cuts to work with.

First and foremost, however, to see it in it's entirety SB Nation's Brian Floyd set the entire sequence to "Pony":

And it took off from there. Let's get weird.

Maybe he was just stripping down to his swimming trunks for Michael Bay's new series, "Boeheim Watch":


"Breaking Boeheim" is supposedly in the works, an alternate version of a certain hit TV show aimed toward professional basketball coaches:


Or perhaps his jacket caught fire while he was on the sideline and this has all been a giant misunderstanding:


Anyone plan on seeing the new 300 movie? Guess who's making a special guest appearance:


Bonus scene in the 3D remaster of Titanic?


Oh no, we've got it all wrong. Sharknado 2 is starring a familiar face:


Rumors suggest that Boeheim's reaction to meeting Pierre the Pelican led the franchise to alter his appearance. It was not a friendly meeting:


With that kind of speed he showed on the sideline it's no wonder he participates in the annual running of the bulls:


Run, Jim, RUN!


That Coach K, always getting under people's skin. If you take a close look, however, you can see why: