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Sochi Bear cries giant mascot tear during closing ceremony

So this is what it feels like when bears cry.

The 2014 Winter Olympics are over and we're all crying a little inside. One bear is taking it a little harder than most and was standing in the middle of the stadium to show it.


Awwwww! We'll miss you too Sochi. From your swelling vistas to double toilets, your roaming dogs and soaring athletic competition. There's a little Sochi in all of us now and we have you to thank, Winter Olympics.

Heartwarming or totally creepy? We're going with the latter. Coincidentally this is the EXACT same thing that happens when you put Ten by Pearl Jam in a Teddy Ruxpin, except the fluid is clear, smells like industrial lubricant and accompanied by a vague scent of an impending electrical fire .

Don't ask us how we know that.