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Tyreke Evans got stuck in an elevator right before tip-off

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The Pelicans play the Suns Friday night on ESPN. That's exciting! The Pelicans don't get to play on national TV very often, so this is a great chance for Anthony Davis and company to shine under a greater spotlight. Well, provided they don't get stuck in elevators:

Is this a cover-up for something? Nope. Evans was really stuck in an elevator:

He got out, though.

I'm very curious to see how he plays now. What if his time spent trapped in that elevator was a period of enlightenment? What if Tyreke Evans is now the best player in the NBA? What if players confining themselves in elevators becomes routine, the common alternative to pre-game stretching? WHAT IF?

In closing: #FlawlessSochi, Phoenix. Very #FlawlessSochi