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Johnny Manziel and Drake wear sweatshirts of each other

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Johnny Football inception.

Once upon a time, Johnny Manziel got kissed by two girls while taking a photo. We do not know when this photo was taken, why it was taken, who took it, or anything else. We just know that it is the internets now:


We hope the person who took that photo does not take issue with us using it. However, that person should probably first take issue with the person who put it on the sweatshirt that is now being worn by Drake:

Drake and Johnny Manziel are and forever have been 100 percent intertwined, especially in sweatshirt form. Mr. Football has been known to be seen in public wearing Drake-designed clothing items, such as this OVO hoodie with Drake's signature owl:


Photo credit: Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

We decided to imagine what it would look like if Johnny Manziel wore a sweatshirt of Drake wearing a sweatshirt of Johnny Manziel.


You're welcome, internet. This is what we're here for.