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Joakim Noah's ejection tirade, in historic context

The targeted "F U" tirade is a familiar strategy.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sport

Joakim Noah was ejected from Bulls-Kings on Monday night. That happens. He flipped out at the refs while leaving the floor. That happens, too. What made this particular ejection special was Noah's meticulous, personalized telling-off of each referee responsible for his ejection:


That is at least one direct "F you" for each of the three refs, plus a few long-distance "F yous" on the way out. Noah's had some explosions before, but nothing quite like this. There is, however, a rich history for this sort of targeted serial attack. Let us pay homage to Noah's forefathers (these videos have bad language, obviously):

There is Julio's classic quitting scene from Half Baked, which is so perfectly parallel that it's already been dubbed over the above scene (via @TCBullfrog):

(No word on whether one of those finger-points was Noah singling out a weird old person to say "you're cool".)

There is Nicolas Cage and also kinda John Travolta in Face/Off:

There is Eddie Murphy in Coming to America:

There is Godzilla:


And, of course, there is the exact opposite of Noah's tirade, the Larry Sanders thumbs-up-for-every-ref:


This really is the polar opposite of what Noah did, whether or not it was sarcastic. Like Gallant to Noah's Goofus. But anyway, the point is: You can't just go spraying around your curses shotgun-style. You must be specific and direct if you wish to get your point across. And probably get fined a lot.