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The very best GIFs from the Seahawks' victory parade conclusion

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Champagne 'n' drums 'n' dancin'

You can find absolutely everything there is to see from the Seahawks Super Bowl parade through Seattle in our stream. Here we'd just like to point out a few GIFs from the Seahawks' arrival at CenturyLink Field:

1. Michael Bennett took the field doing his EXTREMELY SEXUAL celebration dance. The one inspired by angels and chocolate:


2. Marshawn Lynch got himself some champagne, as well as what I initially thought was a PIZZA SHIELD of some sort, but is actually a drum he'd been banging earlier:


Then he sprayed that champagne all over the fans even though it appeared to be pretty cold out there:


3. Richard Sherman led the team in some JUMPing:


Good times. Very, very good times.