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Jonny Gomes will never, ever regret this tattoo


This isn't Mike Napoli's tattoo. He's just the messenger.

Pretty sick, alright. I just spent five minutes looking for a belly button. How's your day going? But I think it's a back. It's a hideous Red Sox gnome riding a land-boat, holding a trophy. A poor, misshapen gnome. If his arm is that big, and it's coming out of a beard ... aw, the poor little feller. Here's what his body must be like:


So sad. I can't believe a fan actually ...


I guess that is ... something. It's commitment! How about that tattoo, mmm-mmm. At least the fantastic-looking dog will make up for a lot of regret. Also, the SB Nation tattoo right above the gnome-ship is outstanding.

Congratulations, Jonny Gomes. Congratulations on the championship, and good god what is that on your torso oh no oh no oh no?