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Colby College's bench has the best celebrations in hoops

A lot of basketball players celebrate extravagantly on the bench. But the Colby Mules have taken it to a new art form, with coordinated ridiculous moves.

You probably haven't heard of the Colby College Mules. They finished eighth in the Division-III NESCAC, so they're not exactly the pinnacle of college hoops.

However, they are the pinnacle of bench celebrations. The team put out a Youtube video of its meticulously planned multi-person bench explosions, and we are completely in awe.

It's miraculous -- the creativity, the synchronization, the diversity.

Many of them are based on other sports, like FIELD GOAL UNIT


Some are triggered by specific in-game events, like THE TRAVEL SHUFFLE (inspired by Chris Duhon and the Goonies, presumably)


Some of them require great feats of acting prowess:


Some require dancing skills:


(The dude on the left is not in on the memo.)

We applaud you, Colby College Mules. Kind of like this: