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Lil Boosie on LSU football: Tigers not yet #free of Nick Saban

"Go on and come to Baton Rouge. Go on, put on that yellow jersey. Quit putting on that red and white."

Rapper Lil Boosie left jail this week, putting a surprising end to the omnipresent #FreeBoosie hashtag. He spent five years in Louisiana lockup due to drug charges, but stayed in touch with the outside, when not writing what he claimed in a post-exodus press conference are 1,000 new songs (even if he's not yet able to wrap his mind around Instagram and FaceTime).

One thing he was able to keep up with is college football. Boosie is a longtime LSU fan, being "raised in that Southside [of Baton Rouge] down by LSU," as he notes in song.

And like many other fans, he's tired of "Nick Saban getting all our recruits." Alabama just pulled in its fourth No. 1 recruiting class in a row, an ongoing example of why the Tide have three national titles since Boosie went in.

"We ain't getting all our recruits like we used to," Boosie says while holding a Geaux Tigers shirt, adding that LSU needs to "bring back them No. 1 players."

He's perhaps unaware Les Miles just signed the nation's No. 1 recruit as part of a top-five class. But that's okay. Mr. Bad Azz has some catching up to do. What matters is that he cares.

"Ima bet the house on LSU," he says. "Win, lose, or draw."

And LSU fans care right back:

Previously in college football and Lil Boosie, a former Mississippi State player cited the rapper during a Twitter lecture on not "following the money" while being recruited, and a FSU player got in hot water for quoting some violent lines. Speaking of FSU players: