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Awkward Birdman interview is exactly how you imagine

Long handshakes, fixing of chairs, sarcastic answers... this interview had it all.


Interviewing Chris Anderson is interesting, amazing, intense, "insert adjective here." So when it came time to sit down with Sun Sports to talk about the Heat win over Washington it naturally became very entertaining, very quickly.

It began with a seemingly endless handshake, accompanied by a steely stare. Seriously, this is the action movie handshake that lets you know one of these two men is getting killed by the end.


"And the losing's over... why?"


"The losing streak ended this evening."

"Because we won."

Alright. We're off to a rough start here. Maybe it's because Birdman isn't comfortable. You should always be comfortable before going on TV. You know what Chris, go ahead and fix that chair RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF A QUESTION.


Okay, we reset -- let's see where this goes.

"Back-to-back nights of you playing sound, bird-like basketball"

"Bird-like? That isn't even a word."

"Bird-like, you're a bird"

"It's Bird-zilla"

Never ever change Birdman, ever,