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Creighton's Devin Brooks with the pass so bad, it became the best pass ever

This was worth 5,000 trick points in NBA Street Vol. 2.

I'm not fully sure what Creighton's Devin Brooks was trying to do with this pass. He chucks it at about 1,000 miles an hour, and although it looks like he's aiming for the open man under the basket, it doesn't come anywhere close to him.

Instead, it banks off the very side of the backboard, and magic happens:

The other angle doesn't explain it as well, but looks even more nuts:


The ball ends up in the hands of Austin Chatman, who calmly catches and drains the wide-open three. Honestly, if Brooks could do this on command -- off-the-backboard passes that just careen off at random angles toward open shooters -- he'd be the best point guard not just in college hoops, but in the history of the sport. He'd be more valuable to the Bluejays than Doug McDermott, who dropped 27 in the first half against DePaul.

Unfortunately, he doesn't have that superpower ... and this doesn't even count as an assist. Or a rebound for Chatman. Just an act of nature.

Almost as impressive as this buzzer-beater.