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March Madness begins on Wheel of Fortune with NEW BABY BUGGY

The craziest desperation heave you'll see comes from Wheel of Fortune.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Spor

We here at SB Nation are firm believers that game shows are, in some way, sports, and we like to honor incredible achievements in the field of sports.

And in that, we bring you New Baby Buggy, the Wheel of Fortune half-court buzzer-beater:

Emil here didn't have a chance. He got zero of the letters in his phrase, and needed to come up with an answer. He realized "NE_" was "New," which was smart. And then he just started spewing random words, like "baby" and "buggy," which... I dunno, is that like a weird 1800's way of referring to a stroller? I think I'd say "pram" before I said "baby buggy."

But luckily, the people who run Wheel of Fortune, like Emil, are weird 1800's parents, and "NEW BABY BUGGY" is exactly what they were looking for. And he goes from this: