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The dunk that won the NAIA Dunk Contest was insane

Wow, we should watch the NAIA Dunk Contest more often.

The NAIA is a college basketball league. Southwestern Christian University, located in Oklahoma, is a school in the NAIA. Tyler Inman is a 6'5 senior guard for SWCU. TYLER INMAN CAN FLY:

You stuck around until the end, right? Because the hand-switchy one is cool, the Isaiah Rider-ish through-the-legs dunk is cool, and the J.R. Smith-esque behind-the-back is cool, but doing the Brent Barry free-throw line dunk OFF THE BOUNCE is special.

It's this:

...but with a bounce and catch in the middle. Good dunkings, Tyler Inman. And yeah, he won the contest. Of course.