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The Rangers have the most frightening food in baseball

Insert "everything is bigger in Texas" joke here.

The Texas Rangers don't care about your cholesterol, the Texas Rangers don't care if one day you need a stent. What the Rangers DO care about is varying degrees of deliciousness, all of which are available in 2014.



Via @espn_durrett, @darrenrovell and @rangers

1. "The Choomongous": A 24-inch Asian beef sandwich. This is by far the item we're most likely to eat.

2. "The Boomstick": Another 24-inch food, but this time it's a hot dog with a stupid amount of stuff on top.

3. Hungarian bacon dipped in maple syrup: A food so diabolical that it doesn't have a quirky name.

4. "The Pizza Burger": An affront not only to the hamburger, but a fastball to the head of everything the Italian culinary world has to offer.

h/t Hardball Talk