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Cliff Lee suffers from hot dog gun impotence

And this broadcast team might want to think twice before using the telestrator.

The Philles have a hot dog gun. The Phillie Phanatic rolls around on a a cart firing hot dogs into the crowd out of a hot dog-shaped cannon. As one does. Cliff Lee took it for a spin during the Phillies' Friday night game against the Pirates and found the firepower lacking. The Philadelphia broadcast tried to explain this with the telestrator aaaaaaaand maybe that was a mistake:

And again via @dhm:

Cliff Lee had a rough time with the hot dog gun tonight. #Phi... on Twitpic

...although it really does sound like their sad little jizz-squiggle was on point:

Totally normal, Cliff. Happens to everybody now and then. Don't worry about it.