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Australia's rugby ad is a spandex-fueled, hard rock fantasy

The NRL in Australia want you to buy their league pass. Their ad is mayhem in the best way.

Good news rugby fans: NRL is right around the corner for the 2014 season. Australia's premier rugby league has new and exciting ways to watch, including its "digital pass" which was ushered in with an ad that's... interesting.

This is the final conclusion if "The Darkness" became corporate shills. There's so much revealing spandex.


The message here is pretty simple. You aren't just going to watch rugby, it's going to be BLASTED STRAIGHT INTO YOUR EYEBALLS.


Whoa. That's pretty intense. Almost as intense as RIDING A GIANT FREAKIN' FOOTBALL.


It's... beautiful. We're tired of these ho-hum "buy our product, please" messages. More things need to be directly beamed into our eyeballs with the power of spandex and inoffensive hard rock.

Make sure you sign up today, lest you miss action like players being suspended for inserting fingers into anuses.