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Every MLB team's popularity, measured by Facebook

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Sorry, A's.

Facebook released a fancy-pants graphic that takes how many "likes" each team gets and plots the leaders for every location in the country. Said graphic:


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Here are the seven unassailable truths we have just learned:

  • Nebraska is the most confused state in the union

  • Kaua'i is cool, but the other islands stink

  • West Texas just might be weird, everyone

  • The Angels have a lot of horizontal popularity

  • The A's don't exist

  • If you included Canada, the Blue Jays would probably look really impressive

  • There is a weird salmon color that runs through Utah and Idaho, yet doesn't correspond to any of the colors. Those people follow the Melmac Orbiters, and the salmon color represents the fish used in bouillabaseball

Everyone agree the Yankees are just the worst, yet everyone likes the Yankees. That's America, alright. That's America.

Hat tip to the Wall Street Journal and Facebook