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Adorable kid storms field after South Africa-Brazil, Neymar and crew make his day

Security guards can make exceptions for tiny, super-cute children.


Running onto the field at sporting events is a dumb idea and you shouldn't do it: it causes a stop in play and everybody hates you, and you will end up in jail. EXCEPTION: You are a tiny, adorable child and Brazil's soccer team is playing. Then the cutest thing in the world will happen.

The 2014 World Cup hosts crushed the 2010 World Cup hosts in a 5-0 laugher, even changing uniforms at halftime for fun. So they were in good spirits at the end of the match when a tiny fan tried to get up close in personal, and although security tried to take him away, Neymar butted in and gave the kid some tosses in the air and a memory for life: