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Jim Harbaugh drilled a halfcourt shot at Kansas' basketball practice

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Yes, he was wearing khakis.

Last we heard from Jim Harbaugh, there was weirdness between him and the San Francisco 49ers. Well, if that's true, Harbaugh has a career to fall back on in hoops. Or at least touring the country and draining shots at halftime contests and walking away with cars/cash/gift certificates.

Harbaugh was visiting the University of Kansas basketball team to give a pep talk before their game against Texas Tech -- not sure they needed it, it was Texas Tech, but, whatever -- and fooled around during their pregame shootout. While doing so, he drilled a half-court shot while cameras were rolling:

If you need this in GIF form:


Quite frankly, the least interesting part about this is that Harbaugh hit the shot. I'm more interested about the fact that he wears a 49ers hat, 49ers team-licensed long-sleeved t-shirt, and OF COURSE, THOSE $8 WALMART KHAKIS, every single place he goes. It's not gameday! Lighten up, Jim! (Then again, maybe this is good basketball attire.)