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Ohio state hockey championship game declared a tie

Nobody wins when everybody wins.

Rob Grabowski-USA TODAY Sports

The Saint Ignatius Wildcats and Sylvania Northview Wildcats battled in the final of the Ohio state hockey championship. The result? A seven-overtime game that was called a 1-1 tie before the eighth overtime. Nobody likes a tie in any game, but in a state championship? For all the marbles? Something's gotta give. Cue the angry tweets:

No, seriously, everybody hates a tie.

As for the trophy for the runner-up in this game, nobody gets it.

The Ohio High School Athletic Association has already clarified why they called the game after seven overtimes tied at 1-1, stating it was for the health of the student athletes. The OHSAA also noted that shootouts are not allowed, per a national rule. No Gordon Bombay moments for high schoolers,  just more questions than answers.

Will they saw the championship trophy in half? And, if nobody is named as the standalone state champion, does anybody win? No. Nobody, absolutely nobody, wins in a tie. It's science.

It's worth noting that this isn't unprecedented, though. The Michigan hockey state championship was called a tie after eight overtimes in 2008.