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Did Mark Richt draw these portraits of Georgia recruits?

If so, Mark Richt is pretty good at drawing.

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Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

D'Andre Walker, a Class of 2015 DE recruit from Georgia, tweeted this on Tuesday:

So, uh ... did Georgia head coach Mark Richt actually send Walker a portrait he made? That does appear to be Richt's handwriting and signature. However, I can find no indication from the internet that Mark Richt likes or knows how to draw with any skill. (I did find this watercolor OF Richt. $50 is a bargain!)

So it's possible Richt just gave his blessing to a commissioned piece of art. Either way, this isn't bad. Maybe a bit plumper than Walker's real face...


... but not bad. Nice shading work. And the split jersey effect is super cool. Seth's Art Blog gives this drawing four out of six paintbrushes. It's definitely better handiwork than this Mississippi State series, albeit way less charming.

... but is it Mark Richt? Well, it wouldn't be the first time he had a possible secret talent.

Update (via commenter Mr. Sanchez): Walker isn't alone!

Update: And more.