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This how the NBA would look like if teams were Pokemon

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Gotta catch em all!

The NBA and Pokemon have a lot in common. Okay, so they have nothing in common -- but people do enjoy talking about both of them on the internet, so that's a connection.

This bond grew stronger with the unveiling of new Pokemon-themed logos via Imgur and they're pretty great. Here are a few of our favorites. (Update: We have musclesmicah to thank for this excellent work!)


The symmetry of Snorlax is perfect for the Nets' shield logo. It also reminds us of the team's past, because Derrick Coleman.


Who cares if Dugtrio looks like three sausages with eyes, this is awesome. It also keeps the Nuggets theme alive while capturing a brand new market.


Okay, so we know "Vinewhips" vaugely rhymes with "Celtics," but this feels like a missed opportunity. "Boston Bulbasaurs" just sounds great.

Which are your favorites?