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The 10 most Jim Tressel-friendly 2Pac song titles

Jim Tressel quoted Tupac Shakur on Twitter, you see.

This happened Tuesday:


10. "Hail Mary"

It's a football term.

9. "Troublesome '96"

Tressel's Youngstown State Penguins failed to win a I-AA national title in 1996 despite doing so in 1991, 1993, 1994, and 1997.

8. "California Love"

7. "Guess Who's Back"


6. "White Man'z World"

Jim Tressel is undoubtedly a Caucasian.

5. "Only God Can Judge Me"

Update, August 10, 2014: This happened:

4. "Letter to the President"


3. "I'm Gettin Money"

Jim Tressel made $21.7 million at Ohio State alone.

2. "Old School"

Jim Tressel's teams are known for defense, punting, and running off tackle. Jim Tressel is 61. Ohio State was founded in 1870. It's a pretty old school.

1. "Tattoo Tears"


by James Dator

Also, plenty of 2Pac songs rank highly on the non-Tressel scale, but it's hard to find one that tops "High Speed" in that regard.