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Atlanta's MLS team should use these (better) names

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They are mostly OutKast themed, AS THEY SHOULD BE.

Kevin C. Cox

Atlanta is getting an expansion MLS franchise. Fans were asked "to provide their suggestions for the team name," then chose "Atlanta United FC" anyway. They should have picked one of our many suggestions:

- FC ATLiens

- ATLetico

- Soccerboxxx/The Club Below

- FC Stankonia

- Sporting Boy Tell 'Em

- Footie Mob

- Footie Hoo

- Kick-Fil-A

- Real Soccer Players of Atlanta

- FC Barves

- Kriss Inswinging Kross

- Pitch Homie Quan

And now some from Twitter:


Please share your ideas in the comments! We are GOING to get one of these chosen.