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Kentucky fans keep getting crazy tattoos

I think we found the world's biggest Willie Cauley-Stein fan and he has the tattoo to prove it.

People tend to say a lot of crazy things on Twitter. Most of those things, however, don't result in getting Willie Cauley-Stein's face tattooed on your leg. Before we get to the latest crazy Kentucky fan tattoo, let's look back at how it all started.

Cauley-Stein was pondering his future, debating between returning to school or jumping to the NBA. Possibly attempting to provide incentive to return, a Kentucky fan tweeted that he would get Cauley-Stein's face tattooed on his body if the center decided to return to school.

While a funny gesture, it seemed unlikely to come to fruition. Many projected Cauley-Stein as a first-round pick and most expected him to declare. Only he didn't. The fan was good to his word and the result is this tattoo:

Getting crazy leg tattoos is quickly becoming Kentucky fans' thing.