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Chris Petersen fools the entire Washington football team with fake uniforms

What, you mean you DON'T want "DAWGS" on your butt?

A good April Fool's joke gets one person, a great one confounds a whole room and makes good use of props. Kudos to Washington head coach Chris Petersen for doing the latter.

His team was called into a 7:15 am meeting on Tuesday to be shown radical new changes to the Huskies uniform. Petersen plays it off like it's part of Nike's rebrand only to unveil a horrifying union of gold and purple, complete with "DAWGS" written on the butt and a new logo that harkens back to 1900 and the story of a homeless dog.

The players were pretty excited about the change.


Previously, Houston's Tony Levine did the same with even uglier uniforms and a much bigger player reaction.