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Iowa assistant coach Eric Johnson leaves team to open a Culver's

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The most Big Ten moment in Big Ten history.

Flickr user karen_d

We had known that Iowa assistant coach Eric Johnson was leaving the Hawkeyes to do something besides football. This confused us, because what the hell is a thing besides football?

So what exactly is he doing? OPENING A FAST FOOD JOiNT.

First of all: YES. YES. GENIUS. Many of you do not know what Culver's is. It is a Wisconsin-based fast food place that serves cheese curds and frozen custard and BUTTERBURGERS. If you have never been to a Culver's, you do not understand how wonderful it is. People in Tennessee probably have not been to Culver's. This man will become wealthy.

2. Culver's absolutely DOMINATED our Big Ten food battle last year, beating Steak N Shake 272-176. We think leaving a Big Ten football team to open a Culver's is the most Big Ten thing in Big Ten history.

Best of luck to Johnson in his non-football endeavors, as he introduces the SEC to B1G food.