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Vin Scully spits on Adolf Hitler

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America's greatest hero takes on America's greatest enemy.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Sunday was Adolf Hitler's birthday. You may or may not have realized this, possibly because you were high, possibly because you were celebrating Don Mattingly's birthday. But one person who did notice was Vin Scully. Here are his thoughts, via Matt Foster:

When anyone -- anyone -- starts a point on live radio with "Another birthday that nobody talks about, as Trumbo fouls it back ... today is also Adolf Hitler's birthday ..." my initial reaction will always be "no no no stop no no no no please no no no what are you no no no." Instead, Scully nails it. Ptooey. Ptoooooey and ptoooooooey again.

Why am I surprised that he nailed it? This is a dog-bites-man story when you put it like that. Ptoooooooey. Ptoooooooey again.