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Baseball players to play with giant Darth Maul face on their chests

Live long and prosper, minor league teams.

Wacky minor league promotions! We keep a "___ DAYS SINCE LAST WACKY MINOR LEAGUE PROMOTION" calendar here at the SB Nation offices, and no one has ever bothered to flip it over. This one is for a Star Wars day, which ... has been done. Over and over and over again. How does a team make it different?

They make it different by a) putting a giant Darth Maul face on the jersey, b) busting out a hilarious, current Crocodile Dundee reference, and c) shaming the other teams that have had a Star Wars-themed jersey, complete with Twitter trolling. Well played. There's no way the other teams could respond to that kind of burn, and ...

Excellent point. Yeah, nice Phantom Menace shirt you have there, dorks. Maybe instead of the National Anthem, the Cyclones can talk about intergalactic trade disputes for 10 minutes before the game starts.

That shirt just makes me mad.

The only thing George Lucas got right in the first movie, and he doesn't make it to the second movie.

You suck, Cyclones.