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Tajh Boyd on the hunt for elusive Pokemon

The former ACC Player of the Year holds receivers to high standards. "Fellas," he says in the huddle. "You've gotta catch 'em all."

Rob Carr

Former Clemson quarterback Tajh Boyd is a wonderful individual. We've all known this for a long time.

"John Mayer, John Mayer's my guy. Got some slow jams on here ... Lumineers, that whole crew. The XX. Lot of people don't know about The XX. Very smooth. And Foster the People. I went out to California and heard Foster the People and it changed my life."


"Well, not really." [...]

"I want a llama. I do. I want a few dogs. Maybe a ferret. Nah, never mind. Those things are terrible. My mind wanders, though. If I could have some land and a greenhouse, and in the greenhouse with all the plants and flowers, I want an owl. I think that would be cool. Just kinda like... 'HOO.'"

And speaking of gathering creatures, the NFL Draft prospect took time out from doing the things that NFL Draft prospects do to conduct some related personal business via social media. It was wonderful.

Other NFL Draft prospects were only so helpful.

Boyd located a potential exchange.

And now we all need to show up at Tiger Mart at 6.

You probably know more Pokemon jokes than I do, so let 'em rip, please.