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Ginuwine sang 'Pony' on Parks and Rec

'Pony' is the official song of SB Nation. Don't you forget it.

SB Nation is not a sports blog. SB Nation is a website that covers news related to the song "Pony" by Ginuwine that occasionally dabbles in sports (since there's only so much Pony news to go around).

Anyway, Ginuwine showed up on tonight's season finale of Parks and Rec, and he sang his hit song "In Those Jeans." OH WAIT, NO, OF COURSE HE DIDN'T, BECAUSE HE SANG "PONY:"

Of course, he's singing at the Pawnee/Eagleton Unity Concert in memoriam of Li'l Sebastian, the "pony" being referenced here. Sadly, we only get 17 seconds of Ginuwine.

Here is a GIF (do not watch if you can't see something absurdly sexy)



- Ref rides Derek Fisher to Ginuwine

- Norwegian hockey player rides other Norwegian hockey player to Ginuwine

- Evgeni Plushenko figure skates to Ginuwine

Tom Izzo dances on ladder to Ginuwine

Tim Tebow rescues puppies from fire to Ginuwine